Frequently asked


Is the Content Leaders Academy masterclass right for me?

If you’re responsible for any kind of content program or strategy at your organisation, the short answer is ‘yes’.

We designed the Content Leaders Academy masterclass primarily for in-house content pros that are responsible for leading, or delivering, their organisational content strategy, whether that be for a big brand, a not-for-profit, a government agency, and everything in between. 

The masterclass is also perfect for anyone who might have started out in a related discipline (say, PR, digital marketing or production, SEO, social media marketing, corporate comms etc) but are now running a content program.

Now, if you’re one of these people, you likely already have a bunch of skills you can transfer over to your content program, but you may have some gaps in your knowledge because, for example, your prior experience didn’t involve that much measurement or analytics.

We are not going to teach you 101 skills in this masterclass; we know that you’re likely already getting runs on the board and that you know your brand better than us. Our goal is to give you the next level of knowledge that can only really be gained from decades of content experience.

We want to empower you with a skill set that’s focused on content, so you can leverage knowledge from your previous job and build on it with the skills you need to lead your organisation’s content.

We’d also like to welcome anyone working at an agency or consultancy that is involved with developing a content strategy or running content programs for their clients. While we think the masterclass is mainly for in-house content people, the skills can be used and applied across the board.

What value will I get from attending this masterclass?

We define the value that you’ll get out of the masterclass in two ways. First, there’s the tangible stuff you’ll walk away with and then (perhaps more importantly) there are the skills you’ll discover.

Tangible stuff first. At the end of the day, you’re going to walk away with a stack of materials. Expect the following:

  • a masterclass workbook summarising all the key points discussed during the day

  • masterclass worksheets showing how to implement the skills you’ve discovered

  • all the complete presentation decks that we’ll use throughout the day

  • to be well fed and caffeinated (or decaffeinated, if that’s your thing)

Next, the skills (and this is where it gets interesting!). Our four modules are designed to shift your abilities up a notch, not give you a theoretical introduction to content strategy and operations. So, expect to have discovered the following how-to skills:

  • Clearly understand and define your brand’s content purpose

  • Conduct effective content strategy research (qualitative and quantitative)

  • Identify your target audiences and the needs your content can help them with

  • Articulate a range of content pillars or themes for your brand

  • Develop an actionable set of plans for content distribution and measurement

  • Integrate your content program with key teams and agencies

  • Secure buy-in from senior stakeholders for your content program

  • Implement the right processes and workflows to enable your content program

  • Assess and choose the best tech to support your content strategy

  • Identify lessons from other brands’ content efforts to apply to your own brand

You’ll also get extensive one-on-one time with the three of us so you can ask specific questions that relate to your personal challenges and opportunities when it comes to running a content program.

Will I walk away from this day with a full strategy for my brand?

We haven’t designed the masterclass as a clinic where we work through a specific strategy for your brand, so you won’t be walking away with a brand-specific strategy. That’s because it’s just not possible to do this right in a group setting and we’re aware that there could be commercial sensitivities around your brand’s goals and challenges.

What you will walk away from the day with are all the skills and clarity you need to develop a content strategy for your organisation. Similarly, if you’re hoping to understand how content can become a part of your overall marketing or communications approach, you’ll finish the masterclass with just as much confidence to brief a consultant or agency on a content strategy as you would any other discipline.

You’ll also have the opportunity to speak to us one-on-one throughout the day and we’re more than happy to field specific, focused questions about your brand during those occasions.

What industries or types of businesses is the masterclass designed for?

The masterclass is not aimed at any particular industry or business type. We see a lot of sector-specific events and experts in the content space and while each of them has a unique point of view on the application of content for their industry, that’s not what we’re about.

We distil the lessons and insights from a wide range of industries and business types, as well as global best practice, to structure the modules of our masterclass and the exercises to help you discover the skills you need. In fact, the three of us can relate to content challenges in a range of industries from health and wellness to financial services, from government to real estate, from tourism to technology and everything in between.

We’ll also use fictional examples during the masterclass so you can practice the skills you’re picking up without feeling like you need to know anything about a particular industry or business type. We find this is the best way to communicate valuable lessons in content without getting bogged down in unhelpful detail.

Is there any kind of business or industry you don’t think the masterclass is suited for?

Honestly, we think that if you’re working in a small business with a small content program as part of your marketing or communications, this isn’t the ideal event for you. We’re going to be talking extensively about how to integrate with larger teams or agency partners and that’s likely not going to be as beneficial for small businesses or simple content programs.

Of course, if this sounds like you and you’re aspiring to move into a role or an organisation that does have a meatier and more complex content program, we encourage you to consider attending the masterclass. The mindset and skills you’ll discover from the event will help prepare you for the challenges that some of these larger businesses face so you can hit the ground running in that role.

Is it going to be useful if I go on my own or should I be bringing a colleague with me?

We often get this question, actually.

We’re conscious that for many organisations, there might be just one person leading content efforts and so the masterclass is designed to support that one person. Group exercises amongst the attendees at the workshop will mean that you’re not left stranded to figure stuff out on your own. We also use fictional brands and examples to help structure your learning so the masterclass is not biased to one particular industry or type of organisation.

However, if you have multiple people that share responsibility for a content program (whether that’s strategy, execution or a mix of both) then, yes, it’s definitely going to be more useful for you if you attend with your colleague/s. You’ll all be on the same page, have the same skills and will be able to support each other to become content leaders when you go back to the office. Contact us if you’d like to chat about who might be the right people from your team to attend the masterclass.

How can you teach me everything I need to know in one day?

Straight talk: we will not be teaching you everything you need to know in one day.

You’ll be teaching yourself a whole lot more when you go back to the office and start implementing what you’ve learned. But what we will be sharing with you are the key elements and skills you need to be able to succeed at content strategy, operations, measurement and optimisation.

We’ve each personally delivered award-winning content strategies and campaigns, as well as helped some of Australia and the world’s biggest brands make the most of their content. We’re going to use this combined experience to help you level up your content skills.

We’re also going to focus on the practical knowledge you need to lead your organisation’s content efforts. We’re not going to focus on the theory or do entry-level stuff at the masterclass, so you will get plenty of new information throughout the day. And while you won’t walk out of the masterclass with the answer to every question to do with content, you will know how to ask better questions and how to find the answers to them.

What if I attend the masterclass and end up thinking that I wasn’t satisfied with it?

It’s a fair question and, while we are confident that you’re going to get a bunch of value out of the masterclass, we don’t want you to just have to take our word for it.

So, we’ve decided to offer a 100% money back guarantee that covers you if you’re not satisfied with what you’ve learned at the masterclass. Let us know by email anytime up to two weeks after your masterclass date that you’re just not feeling it; we’ll ask you for some feedback so we can improve our offering in the future and refund your ticket cost in full immediately (minus any card fees you might have incurred).

As a thank you for being honest with us and sharing your feedback, you can keep all the materials you got at the masterclass.

How much prior knowledge do I need for the masterclass?

If you have at least two years hands-on experience in a marketing or communications field where you’ve been dealing with content in some way (either creating it, distributing it, planning it or measuring it), then you have all the prior knowledge you need.

You may already be running a content program or something similar, or you may want to step into a role like that soon; either way, the masterclass will give you some more advanced layers of knowledge to add to your strong foundations.

If you’re worried that we’re going to be running through super technical things all day, don’t be. We will discuss critical technical skills to do with research, measurement, channel planning and other things, but your hands-on experience will set you up well for these discussions and we’ll always make it relevant and actionable.

If you do have some questions about your related experience or if your current/desired role is a good fit for what you’ll discover at our masterclass, then please get in touch with us and we can talk about your specific situation before you commit to booking a spot.

Can’t I just learn these skills online or by going to a conference?

Absolutely, no doubt about it. There are so many great resources, experts and events both online and offline that can give you this range of skills. You might need to work pretty hard for it, though. And, if you’re primarily looking for this material online, you definitely won’t be able to access one central collection of all the experience from three senior content leaders like us that have been there and done it ourselves.

What’s different about the Content Leaders Academy masterclass is that we have sifted through all the possible skills and approaches and tools that you might read and learn about so we can give you only the valuable, practical stuff.

Because we’ve designed all types of content strategies and run all kinds of content programs, we have a good grasp on what works and doesn’t work. And, more importantly, what skills and tools can help you become a content leader rather than just a doer.

Can I say that the masterclass is a formal qualification?

Unfortunately, no, our model is a little different than that. We’re not delivering a diploma or certificate like you might get from a college, because we don’t think that is the kind of education that really helps when it comes to this sort of thing.

Because we’re focused on delivering practical skills, we want to skip a lot of the theory that justifies why things are important or why they are the way they are. This kind of learning is very useful if you’re just starting out in a particular field but, once you have the experience and knowledge that you and perhaps some of your colleagues have, it’s generally more beneficial to focus on actionable skills that help elevate your practice rather than define it.

I’m a consultant or I work at an agency; will I get any benefit from this masterclass?

We think you definitely will. While we think that the masterclass is primarily suited to in-house content professionals, there are skills that you’ll discover that will help you design better content strategies for your clients and run better content programs too.

We’ve all worked in marketing and communications agencies and we also maintain consulting businesses, so we understand that it’s sometimes tricky to keep your skills current when you’re in that line of work.

The masterclass is not focused on any particular industry or type of business, so you can be confident that the skills you’ll learn will position you well to improve the sort of work you’re delivering for any of your clients, especially strategy work.

What makes you three so qualified to teach this stuff anyway?

Well, first of all, we’ve all been involved in content creation and strategy activities for the length of our careers. Working in marketing and communications agencies, we’ve run and designed programs for brands in Australia and overseas, always working within the changing landscape of media and communications.

We added up how long we’ve all been working in this caper, and we have more than 50 years combined experience in the content space. That’s a somewhat unmatched number in Australia.

Secondly, we’ve done the hard yards when it comes to building a content strategy and program from scratch from inside an organisation. We know what it’s like to have to justify and explain the need for a content program and also how to run them successfully, day after day, year after year.

Finally, we just love to share our knowledge with other marketers and communicators and we’ve been doing it for years. Each of us is an experienced trainer and presenter, regularly appearing at leading industry events and conferences as well as running client workshops and other educational events.

Read more about us on our founders page and, of course, connect with us on social media if you want to get to know us before deciding if this masterclass is right for you.