Because we want you to feel confident attending a Content Leaders Academy event or working with us on your business, here’s what other people have to say about their experiences with us.


Casey Beros
General Manager, The Lifestyle Suite

“I've been attending workshops and conferences for many years now, but never one quite like this. I learned more in a day than I have in the past year, invaluable in a rapidly changing market.

You’ll have the pleasure of spending the day in a room with some true giants in the field. Interrogate your ‘why’ with content king Trevor, learn to adopt a relentless focus on audience with Matt, and hone your ability to measure your results with Andrés, while the team ties it all together with real examples and practical exercises.

Dynamic, purposeful, engaging and interactive - I couldn't recommend it highly enough, regardless of the size of your organisation.”

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David Leahy

“I had the privilege of attending the Content Leaders Academy masterclass run by Andrés, Matt and Trevor in Sydney.

The masterclass finds the sweet spot between strategic advice and technical know-how, with a good mix of practical application fun thrown in too.

Ideally suited if you know you need to get on the content train but need a bit of guidance as to how to do it, the day is fun, informative and, most importantly, delivers value.  

I took home a truckload of ideas, insight and inspiration and would highly recommend the course. The three gents get the presenting mix right. And importantly for such events, top notch catering. I would highly recommend the day. ”

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Sam Baden
Editorial and content manager

“The Content Leaders Academy was a day well spent deep diving into the world of advanced content marketing.

Matt, Trevor and Andrés were highly engaging facilitators who blended inspirational case studies with truly practical sessions on topics not normally covered in the usual large conference agendas.

I walked out of the course with some welcome new and innovative additions to my content marketing and creative toolkit.”

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Peter Gearin
Director, Top to Tale Media

“I had the opportunity to participate in the Content Leaders Academy Masterclass in Sydney with Matt Allison, Trevor Young and Andrés López-Varela. 

The success of such workshops such can hinge on the ability of moderators to transfer their considerable knowledge into material participants can use when they return to the office. 

With their varied backgrounds in content, data, marketing and PR, Matt, Andrés and Trevor were outstanding guides. They covered everything from inspiration to strategy and measurement, and delivered terrific information and insightful personal stories. Most importantly, they gave participants the confidence they could put this valuable knowledge into practice.

I can highly recommend this masterclass for anyone serious about taking their content knowledge to the next level.”

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Jessica Maclennan
Relationship Manager, Collaboro

“I absolutely loved the Content Leaders Academy masterclass. I’m confident I can now put all my ideas in motion while being empowered and motivated by a much stronger content strategy.

Matt, Trevor and Andrés are excellent facilitators who communicate their very broad experience in a way that’s engaging and practical throughout the day.”

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Michelle La O’
Junior Digital Marketing Manager, SFI Health

“The Content Leaders Academy masterclass was a great opportunity to get in a room and bounce ideas with highly experienced marketers across the industry!

I highly recommend it for those that have been working in content or digital for a while and want to brush up on all aspects of content marketing as well as different ways to look at how they are measuring, delivering, and developing their strategy.”

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Tristan White
Founder and CEO, The Physio Co.

“The Content Leaders Academy is a deep dive into what's important in content marketing right now. It's an up to date, practical and powerful workshop that'll leave you with a clear plan of what to execute right away.”

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Emily Geier
Senior Content Marketing Manager, HCF

“The Content Leaders Academy masterclass is an inspiring day, jam-packed with the right mix of practical foundation-laying and aspirational future-state strategy. Matt, Trevor and Andrés genuinely brought the topics to life with advice about what they wished they’d done differently. They had an open and honest approach that set the tone for the day, the learnings from which will stick with me.”

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